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Norfolk Car Club’s new pay-as-you-go cars and vans are available for you to hire by the hour, day or week. The cars and vans are parked in a network of designated bays across Norwich. Book any car or van in the fleet online, by app, or by phone, and use your personal smartcard to collect and return the vehicle.

  • Save money. Avoid the expense of buying and maintaining your own car
  • No more parking problems. Dedicated parking bays across Norwich
  • Manual and automatic cars available
  • Fuel and Insurance included
  • Convenient. Cars and vans available 24/7

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Norfolk Car Club provides new cars and vans for members to drive on a pay-as-you-go basis. The car club vehicles are operated by Co-wheels, a social enterprise which supports a network of car clubs in 50 towns across the UK.

When you join Norfolk Car Club you can use not only the cars and vans in Norfolk, but also over 500 vehicles across the UK which form the Co-wheels network.

I've used Norfolk Car Club for several years now and found it to be an excellent service - it's now an invaluable part of my everyday life. It's convenient and great value for money.

– Dr Lewis Spurgin, University of East Anglia

I've always lived in the centre so never needed a car. When I changed jobs, I needed one and this is far more economical than owning one. I've been a Norfolk Car Club member for nearly two years and think the club is top notch with an easy booking system and well-looked after cars. I'm 100% happy with it and I like to see it expanding making it accessible to more people.

– Hamish Cooper, Norwich City centre

I get in it and drive it whenever and wherever I want. I don't have to think about it. I use it for my work every few weeks as I can't get there by public transport. So I'm pleased it exists otherwise I would have had to buy a car. This car club is very accessible and the people who run it too. There's always someone on the end of the phone, very helpful.

– Margaret Goodyear, Norwich

It's perfect in every respect. It's nearby, well-maintained and the solution to my driving needs. I've saved heaps of money, hundreds of pounds in fact, and I don't miss having my own car. I would recommend it to everyone who lives in Norwich.

– Howard Green, Norwich City centre

I tried the car club when it first came to Norwich several years ago and, despite my initial misgivings, it worked well. I sold my car and I now rely entirely on the car club. We have one practically on the doorstep and hardly ever has there been a time when an alternative has not been available within five minutes' walk.

– Oliver Chastney, Norwich

I have never owned a car despite passing my test 17 years ago. After starting a family, I thought we'd have to buy one, but our eldest daughter is now five and we're coping well with a combination of walking, bicycles, buses, trains, the car club, and occasional taxis. Without the club we'd probably have bought a car by now.

– Richard Doyle, Norwich