Join the Club!


holdall smartcard users can join Norfolk Car Club free and use their holdall card to unlock and use the network of car club pay-as-you-go cars in Norwich.

If you’re an existing holdall smartcard user and would like to join the car club free and get £25 free driving, simply…

  1. Join online today
  2. Tick “yes” to use existing smartcard
  3. Use promotional code “holdall” to waive the usual £25 joining fee and receive £25 free driving

Once a DVLA check has been completed you’ll be sent a six digit pin code which will be used to link your holdall card with your car club account.

You’ll then have access to a fleet of pay-as-you-go cars across Norwich which can be booked, unlocked and used with your holdall smartcard.


holdall smartcard 

The holdall smartcard can store Park and Ride tickets, cash for travel in the sQuid Travel Purse, and now act as your key to Norfolk Car Club cars across Norwich.

You can buy Park and Ride tickets, or just get a free holdall by choosing a “sQuid only” card.

Visit the holdall website to order one today.

Once you have a holdall card you can join Norfolk Car Club free and start using your holdall card to access a fleet of new cars across Norwich