User Guide

Before you go

1. Joining the Car Club

2. Making a booking

The simplest way to book a car is online at

  • Select “Book a Car”
  • Input your username and password
  • Select the car location
  • Select the time – start and finish
  • Click Search to check availability

You can also book by phone if you cannot access the internet – call us on 0191 375 1050

If you wish to alter the booking - view the reservations page and edit details. Or call us and we can make the change.

3. Booking confirmation

You will receive an email confirming each booking, giving details of date, time and car location. You will also get messages when the car is ready and after the journey is completed.

You can receive these by text message/SMS, simply alter your settings in your preferences on the booking site. N.B. if you want to receive SMS messages you must enter a mobile number on your profile, in the international +44… format – rather than 07…

Get going

4. Finding the car

The cars are parked in dedicated parking spaces – see locations , please return the car to the same parking space at the end of your booking. 

5. Damage report

Before unlocking the car, please take a quick look round the vehicle to check that everything is OK.

If you see any damage which is not noted in the damage log book (in the glove box) please call us immediately on 0191 375 1050

6. Unlocking

To unlock the car hold your smartcard over the card reader on the windscreen.

7. Questions and problems

If you have any problems locating or unlocking the car, call us on 0191 375 1050.

You may find the car immobiliser switches on if you do not start the engine straight away. This is a security feature which is easily released by swiping your smartcard again on the reader.

On the move

8. Locking and unlocking the car

To lock and unlock the car always use the smartcard, not the keys.

When you stop during a booking, remove the keys from the ignition and always place them in the glovebox. The on-board computer will beep and ask if you want to end the booking. If you do not press "no", the car will assume that you have finished with it and end the reservation automatically.

9. Refuelling

If the fuel level drops below a quarter of a tank, please be considerate and top up the tank. An AllStar fuel card is located in the left hand side of the computer on the windscreen of each car which can be used at most filling stations.

Please ensure that when re-fuelling you use the correct fuel, which is marked on the filler cap.

10. Cleaning

If the car is not clean when you collect it, please let us know and we will remind the previous user that they should return the car clean and tidy.

If the car becomes dirty whilst you are using it, please clean it.

Please leave the car in the condition you would wish to find it at the start of a booking and take all rubbish with you.

Returning the car

11. Extending a booking

You can extend your booking from the car using the on-board computer. To do so, switch off the ignition and press the button under "Res+/Res-". Enter the new times and press OK. The system will then check availability and either confirm the change or tell you if it was not possible. If it was not possible and you are going to overrun, please contact us immediately.

12. Returning the car

Always take the car back to its designated parking space, where you collected it from, so that the next driver knows where to find it. If, for any reason, you are unable to park the car in its designated parking space at the end of your booking, please call us on 0191 375 1050.

At the end of your booking:

  1. Check that all windows are closed and the car is clean and tidy
  2. Put the keys in the glovebox
  3. Press "Yes" on the on-board computer to confirm you wish to end the booking
  4. Close the doors and hold your smartcard to the reader on the windscreen to lock the car